piatok 30. marca 2012


* Probably you would read it, I hope so. So just write me and I can explain you what you want to know.   

Or I can help you if you need my help.  Just don´t ignore me. I don´t wanna lose so important person.*

How everything can change, in few days.
I was happy and now I don´t even know what happened.
Why we don´t talk to each other anymore?

Did I done something? Or something happened to you?
Or somebody told you something about me, probably some stupid lie?

Or what happened?

It seems so good and now I´m just standing here and wishing to have it all again.
Not to feel lost and so hopeless. Just smile. With you.

I don´t know what to do to make it good.
Can people erase you from their lives because it's easier than working things out?!

7 komentárov:

  1. nádherný, nádherný...jako bys mi mluvila z duše...

  2. ty to dokážeš tak pekne, jednoducho a zároveň originálne vyjadriť ... krásne :)

  3. Vždycky to skvěle napíšeš ;) Jinak super fotka líbí se mi tvoje fotky takový obyčejný, jednoduchý ale vždycky mě zaujmou :D.)

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