štvrtok 29. decembra 2011

What if this memories aren´t worth the pain ?!

Isn't it funny, how when someone say's they love you, you can't really feel it. But, when they say they don't love you anymore? You can feel every ounce of what was, drain out of your entire being.

7 komentárov:

  1. Love is hard. And I'm wondering if it's right. Does love suppose to be hard? I dont know.. sometimes I think that love has never truly existed. There is just some fucking emotion or maybe mix of emotions that makes us feel great and useful. But as time goes by we feel less and less that great.. But you know what? we have to be strong! one day it will find you too :)

  2. aky krasny drdol!

  3. Prosím tě, můžu s ezeptat, to záhlavklo jsi si dělala sama, nebo jak si k němu přišla? ...je nádherný;)

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