piatok 18. novembra 2011

It only hurts, when you pretend it doesn´t...

I wish I could just swallow my pride and tell you all the things I´ve been hiding since we broke up. And I wish you could do the same, because it´s kind of very obvoius that you´re not over me. So please, just stop acting like you don´t care and like you don´t give a fuck. I know you do. I just wish you could say it straight to my face instead of just hiding it all inside of yours brain. It´ll only cause us both way more pain.

I just don´t understand it. I pretend I´m strong and over it. I´m not. Every one stupid day i think how nice it´ll can be with you. When I gave you a chance. But I can´t. I want, but there´s so many pain betweens us. Have you ever fell the same? Do you ever miss me? I mean trully, aching in bottom-of-your-heart pain, which you just can´t ignore? Because that´s how I feel. Every single day.

I want to be over it. But still is here something, that take me back. I wish one day, you´ll know what you lost. And i wish I´ll be happy. Without you, because there´s so many reasons to live hapilly. Life is too short to regreting what once made you smile. (:

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  1. krásne napísane! to je text nejakej pesničky alebo si to sama napísala?

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  4. Ahoj :) navštiv prosím můj blog, kde si i můžes koupit originální doplňky :)

  5. Lush balíček je k Vánocům, takže po Vánocích se na recenzi můžeš těšit ;)